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I’ve been taking pictures since my parents gave me a camera at age 12. My first job at age 16 was with the LG Balfour company in Attleboro Mass, working as a dark room technician developing photos. I then joined the Navy and after serving eight years in Naval aviation I moved to St Augustine in 1968. For the last forty years I have made my living as a computer software developer and systems designer. As photography became digital I found my knowledge of computers very helpful in the transition from the dark room to computer.

Today I am retired from the corporate world and spend most of my time improving and producing my photographic art.

If a picture is worth 1000 words, the colors create the emotions and the details tell the story.

Technology has made photography what it is today, and in the future it will make it even better. I want my work to embrace the best available technology. All work is produced in my digital lab using commercial archival printers and the latest software.

My style is uncommonly rich in color and very detailed. I strive for good composition and overall tonality. I am always looking for the line between a Photograph and Art. Comments and Suggestions are appreciated.

Thank you for your interest, I hope you like what you see.